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Tea with Bee

10 Disney questions

It’s time for some tea with Bee, this is were I’m going to talk about stuff that isn’t book related such as Disney which is what I’m going to talk about in this blog it’s really hard to find something to talk about in a first Disney blog post. Unlike books there are not many tags out there for Disney so I’m going to answer 10 questions that I have come up with.

1. favourite film

My favourite Disney film is bail the great mouse detective is number one with beauty and the beast coming in at a close second.

2. Favourite sequel(s)

I can’t just pick one sequel and as it’s my blog I can do what ever I like, so in no particular order because I can’t do that here are my favourites.
First is The rescuers down under
Second is lady and tramp scamps Adventure
and third is lion king two Simbas pride

3. First thing I will do when I go to a Disney park

As I live in the U.K. I haven’t been to the Disney parks in the USA but I have watched a lot of Disney YouTubes going to Disneyland so I have done lots of thinking about what I would like to do when I go there.

I would really like to go Disneyland as it’s the original and there for as all of history but I would also really like to go to Tokyo Disney (I would like to go to Tokyo in General) and all of stuff I have seen from there looks amazing.

There is a lot of things you can do at Disneyland, first I would go to the magic kingdom because it’s the classic park. First things first I would go to one of the shops on Main Street and get some Mickey ears and ask for a first visit bag as that’s free, then I would ride would be Peter pans flight as that is the most popular. Then I would get myself a Churro or Mickey bennies.

4. Favourite song

I thought this would be hared to pick a song but this is the first one that came to mind.

go the distance from Hercules

5. Best thing in my opinion on Disney plus

I’m only talking about original content as it would be pointless talking about everything on there, first just to talk about everything it’s great to have all the Disney channel originals on Disney plus as unless it’s one of there big films you can’t get them in the U.K. so that’s really nice.

At the moment I’m really enjoying wonder vision as I’m sure many of you are, I also really like all of there original films that they have put on there like Tongo and magic Camp as there often lots of fun to watch.

6. Favourite couple

this is actually a hared one as there are so many good couples but I think I will go with Rapunzel and Eugene.

7. Disney thing you wish you could of done

this is probably going to sound like an odd question,  but a lot has changed in the Disney parks in the last few year which means there is lots of stuff I will never get to experience.

Ok the thing I wish I could of tried at Disney is the drink Beverly at Epcot, I know it sounds odd it a drink that is famously horrible but it’s something that I have seen everyone do and I’m sort of sad that I know that Epcot is getting a big update (which from what I have hared it needed) will not get to try.

8. Favourite deleted song(s)

There is three deleted songs that I like the first 2 did actually make it in to the dvd release but are still not on Disney plus.

If I never know you from Pocahontas this song is in the end credits but it was originally meant to be there last good buy before John Smith was executed.

when we are human again from beauty and the beast, this song was cut from the film a few weeks before it was released, but they did add it to the DVD release the reason I like this song is that it’s a very jolly song and you get to know the beasts servants more.

then my last favourite song is life’s to short from frozen this is the alternative to the first time in forever reprieve, it definitely goes a lot darker then it is in the song.

9. Favourite Disney channel show

There are a lot of great shows on the Disney channel (especially when I was younger) so surprise surprise I can’t just narrow it down to one show so here comes my favourite shows.

Animated from I was younger Kim possibly and from right know star vs the forces of evil.
live action show is I think Lizzie Maguire I have been rewatching it and really enjoying it.

10. What got you in to Disney

I’m really not sure to be quite honest I have always enjoyed the films I’m not sure why.

I think though that it’s lots of things the story’s and the music is always sublime and the characters relatable, but I think as an adult the thing that keeps me loving Disney is the animation so much work goes in to making each minute of the film it’s just magical.

and that is that the first tea with bee,

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  • Pk

    I to am a Disney fan. My favourite film is bambi. I love the way it’s been filmed. And my favourite song is drip, drip drop little April shower. But like you, it’s difficult to choose as each Disney film has something new to offer.

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