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2022 book goals

My bookish hopes for 2022

It’s a new year which means more books that need to be read and more blogs to try to actually post.

my reading goal

this year I have set my Goodreads reading challenge as 25, which I release sounds rather small but I only read 23 last year and I like to try to increase my reading in small chunks so it’s doable. According to Goodreads I only need to read 2 books a month for this to happen but I would like to try and read more than that. I’m thinking I’m going to try and read 2 average sized books first each month to help with my goal and then some longer books just because.

Most anticipated books

there isn’t many books on this list but I also don’t really go looking for books to add unless it’s by an author I have read already, I’m sure I will find plenty of new books that I will want to get that’s not on this list.

Alright, first the books that are sequels to series that I started last year

Emry Merlin book 2 which I hope is coming out this year not that it’s been put up on Goodreads yet.

Tokyo Dreaming by Emiko Jean which is sequel to Tokyo ever after


books that my favourite authors are writing that I just want

dead romance by Ashley Poston

With this kiss by Carrie Hope Fletcher

Gallant by V.E Schwab

what ever book Cassandra Clear is bring out this year even though I’m really behind

and last but not least books that are not new but I would like to get my hands-on (or just read)

the cat who saved books

I would like to finish the Secret life of Adie Laro by V.E Schwab and the muse of nightmares this year as I started them but ended up picking something else up before I finished them.

Life goals

I would really like to be more consistent with my blogging I have 20 (including this blog) that are being written so it’s not as though I don’t have the content to post I just keep getting distracted by other ideas, but my goal is to post once a week. I’m going to aim for Mondays.
I would also like to post more on Instagram but I also feel that making art is fun for me and I don’t really want to rush my art just to help the algorithm so we will see.

i’m getting married this year so that’s definitely a goal to make the best Disney themed wedding ever which is going to involve lots of arts and crafts (wish me luck).

the last goal which is a goal every year is to write a book I have had an idea for a book for years and I have never found the time to write it.

and that is all what are some of your reading goals this year.

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