Wedding planning

5 early wedding planning tips

Wedding planning tips

I’m engaged as of New Year’s Day 2021, so I’m really enjoying the early stages of the planning,
I would really like to blog the planning ( I probably will do a blog of the wedding day too) for many reasons: one it will hopefully be good content for you to read, and hopefully if you are thinking about getting married as well so this may be useful. Second it will be nice for us to have it here to look back on, I hope.


I have had a wedding board on Pinterest for years, (when I say years I mean years – I had this bored long before I was dating my Fiancé) it’s a great way to find a theme for your wedding and see how other people have done with the theme. It’s also just lots of fun to get lost on Pinterest pining 100s of different cakes and 200 different sorts of ways to make roses.

I recently got the tip to organise your wedding board in to lots of sections so you can have all the dresses you like and decorations in different parts of the board so it’s easier to navigate.


Yes I realise it’s a silly tip to go with, but there are so many blogs out there – It’s so interesting reading about other people’s experiences and there are so many tips of things you should and shouldn’t forget as well as blogs about the big day of their wedding. It’s the reason Your reading this blog!

One thing I will say is be careful not to get to lost in other people’s blogs there are a few that are a bit silly or at least in my opinion everyone has their own experience.

Wedding apps

There are so many wedding apps, I’m not sure why I was shocked when I started getting advertised wedding apps on Facebook after I got engaged – there really is an app for everything. They are so helpful; from finding venues to having a handy todo list so you can keep track of what you need to do and when. The apps we are using are hitched and bride book if you were wondering.

Spotify playlist

this one really is just fun to do. I just randomly decided to go on Spotify and start a new playlist for the wedding and started adding songs that we both like that are romantic as well as my song to walk down the aisle and our first dance.


Have fun

Yes have fun, you might have just got engaged (and even if not) my advice is to have fun and relax. A wedding is well known for being a stressful day, week but you should try (I know I will) to have fun especially during the early stages of the planning your big day


and that is my five tips like I said I’m still on my early stages of this wedding but I’m really looking forward to planning it and of course the actual wedding day, I hope this was helpful in some why also do you have any tips that I did not think of if so leave them in the comments.

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