Hi my name is Bee 🐝 I’m a 28 year old female reader and I have been blogging since the 17th of February 2021.

I love reading mostly fantasy’s, but I have also read mysteries and Rom coms. At the moment I have stuck to reading young adults and middle Grade books (9 to 12) but I do have some adult books on my shelf, I have also in recent years become obsessed with mangas and graphic novels.

Luckily for me when it comes to books as I haven’t really hated anything I have read so most of my reviews will probably be very positive, but I will say if there is something I don’t like about a book.

this blog maybe called buzzy books but I’m not just going to focus on books only, you will also find that I’m a massive dork and artist so there will be stuff on Disney and games, also lots of my art will probably pop up in my blogs in its own section tea with Bee.

I’m excited to post hopefully lots of things on my blog including but not Limited to: reviews, books tags, lists and wrap ups.
at this point my blog is still very new so all the books I do review are my own or once I have borrowed but it would be amazing to have arks too.

I think that’s everything I can say for know I hope you enjoy my blog.

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