• Wedding planning

    5 early wedding planning tips

    Wedding planning tips I’m engaged as of New Year’s Day 2021, so I’m really enjoying the early stages of the planning, I would really like to blog the planning ( I probably will do a blog of the wedding day too) for many reasons: one it will hopefully be good content for you to read, and hopefully if you are thinking about getting married as well so this may be useful. Second it will be nice for us to have it here to look back on, I hope. Pinterest I have had a wedding board on Pinterest for years, (when I say years I mean years – I had this…

  • Tea with Bee

    The history of ducktales

    Ducktales: A History I first wrote this blog for the Disney amino back when the reboot was just about to start and know this week the last episode was aired, it seems a good time to look back at the history once again. lets start at having a look at the man behind the main duck. The Good Duck Artist Carl Barks started worked at Disney in 1935 he started off as a inbetweener (someone who drawers the pictures between the more extreme drawing so that the characters can move), when he was doing this he came up with ideas for gags he showed a knack for creating comical situations so…

  • Tea with bee
    Tea with Bee

    10 Disney questions

    It’s time for some tea with Bee, this is were I’m going to talk about stuff that isn’t book related such as Disney which is what I’m going to talk about in this blog it’s really hard to find something to talk about in a first Disney blog post. Unlike books there are not many tags out there for Disney so I’m going to answer 10 questions that I have come up with. 1. favourite film My favourite Disney film is bail the great mouse detective is number one with beauty and the beast coming in at a close second. 2. Favourite sequel(s) I can’t just pick one sequel and…

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