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The Bridgerton Book Tag

the Bridgerton Book Tag

Considering the popularity of the show and books, it was actually really hard to find this book tag and I ended up finding one on YouTube but I had to translate it as it was not in English, so some of the questions don’t make sense, and again because none of the videos I found were in English I’m not sure who created this tag.

season two starts this week so it seems like the best time to post this book tag I hope you enjoy.


1. Anthony Bridgerton

Book that is not your style and painted bad, but you liked it

The animals of Lockwood manor

I picked this book up in Waterstone for the completely wrong reasons, for starters and that is because there were animals on the cover and the cover/page edges are Beautiful. Then when I read what the book was about, two things came to mind – first that it was similar to night at the museum and Second, that it may be a horror. Both this things are wrong for better or worse.
What I ended up with was a mystery, Romance with a very slight creepy vibe (I’m not a fan of horror so I’m saying creepy because I didn’t get scared or anything).
I don’t think I would of picked up this book if I hadn’t been drawn in by the animals but I’m really glad I was, as it was a really good book. The main two characters are very well written and you get the story from there perspectives. Each chapter alternates between the perspectives of the two main characters through out the story which shows us what is happening in Lockwood manor.
the story was really good and took me on many twists and turns while trying to work out what was going on, with all the different story lines in the house.

Some secrets are unspoken. Others are unspeakable . . . August 1939. Thirty-year-old Hetty Cartwright is tasked with the evacuation and safekeeping of the natural history museum’s collection of mammals. Once she and her exhibits arrive at Lockwood Manor, however, where they are to stay for the duration of the war, Hetty soon realizes that she’s taken on more than she’d bargained for. Protecting her charges from the irascible Lord Lockwood and resentful servants is work enough, but when some of the animals go missing, and worse, Hetty begins to suspect someone – or something – is stalking her through the darkened corridors of the house. As the disasters mount, Hetty finds herself falling under the spell of Lucy, Lord Lockwood’s beautiful but clearly haunted daughter. But why is Lucy so traumatized? Does she know something she’s not telling? And is there any truth to local rumours of ghosts and curses?

2. Benedict Bridgerton

Retelling that you recommend to everyone

Iron heart by Ashley Poston

It took me awhile to decide which of the few retellings I have read to pick for this one but I have finally decided to go with the Anastasia retelling by Ashley Poston. The reason I’m picking this book to recommend is because i feel Ashley did a really clever job of putting a Sci-fi twist to one of my favourite animated films.

from Dimitri to the dog, from Rasputin to the music box there are lots of little Easter eggs to the film along to other Easter eggs from other sifi films as well as it’s own amazing story to enjoy as at the end of the day this is really just the shell of the story.

Seventeen-year-old Ana is a scoundrel by nurture and an outlaw by nature. Found as a child drifting through space with a sentient android called D09, Ana was saved by a fearsome space captain and the grizzled crew she now calls family. But D09—one of the last remaining illegal Metals—has been glitching, and Ana will stop at nothing to find a way to fix him.
Ana’s desperate effort to save D09 leads her on a quest to steal the coordinates to a lost ship that could offer all the answers. But at the last moment, a spoiled Ironblood boy beats Ana to her prize. He has his own reasons for taking the coordinates, and he doesn’t care what he’ll sacrifice to keep them.
When everything goes wrong, she and the Ironblood end up as fugitives on the run. Now their entire kingdom is after them—and the coordinates—and not everyone wants them captured alive.
What they find in a lost corner of the universe will change all their lives—and unearth dangerous secrets. But when a darkness from Ana’s past returns, she must face an impossible choice: does she protect a kingdom that wants her dead or save the Metal boy she loves?

3. Colin Bridgerton

Book that made you travel and see other worlds

I have said the gentleman‘s guide for Voice and virtue on a previous tag so I will have to think of a different book.
As the question says made you I’m going to say a book that has made me want to go to travel to the place in the books.

before the coffee gets cold

I already wanted to visit Japan because of Tokyo Disney but this book definitely made my interest of visiting the Country Grow.

What would you change if you could go back in time? In a small back alley in Tokyo, there is a cafe which has been serving carefully brewed coffee for more than one hundred years. But this coffee shop offers its customers a unique experience: the chance to travel back in time. In Before the Coffee Gets Cold , we meet four visitors, each of whom is hoping to make use of the cafe’s time-travelling offer, in order to: confront the man who left them, receive a letter from their husband whose memory has been taken by early onset Alzheimer’s, to see their sister one last time, and to meet the daughter they never got the chance to know. But the journey into the past does not come without risks: customers must sit in a particular seat, they cannot leave the cafe, and finally, they must return to the present before the coffee gets cold . . . Toshikazu Kawaguchi’s beautiful, moving story – translated from Japanese by Geoffrey Trousselot – explores the age-old question: what would you change if you could travel back in time? More importantly, who would you want to meet, maybe for one last time?

4. Daphne Bridgerton

Book that fully represents your comfort zone

howls moving castle

I finally read this book and I really enjoyed reading it, it had everything that I look for in a book magic, good characters that draw, a great story, a little Romance and a quick read.

young Sophie Hatter from the land of Ingary catches the unwelcome attention of the Witch of the Waste and is put under a spell… Deciding she has nothing more to lose, Sophie makes her way to the moving castle that hovers on the hills above her town, Market Chipping. But the castle belongs to the dreaded Wizard Howl, whose appetite, they say, is satisfied only by the souls of young girls… There Sophie meets Michael, Howl’s apprentice, and Calcifer the fire demon, with whom she agrees a pact. Her entanglements with Calcifer, Howl and Michael and her quest to break her curse come alive with Diana Wynne Jones’s unique combination of magic, humour and imagination.

5. Eloise Bridgerton

Book where the letters have an important weight

I’m  not sure if this is what it means but I’m going with a book that takes this question quite literally because it is told though letters.

84 Charing Cross road

Considering you only interact with this people though there shopping correspondents I really grew attached to the different characters, lifeing and crying with them though the years that they spoke. I also found it so interesting as it spoke about there day to day life at the time including the rashons that the U.K. was still under after the war.

This book is the very simple story of the love affair between Miss Helene Hanff of New York and Messrs Marks and Co, sellers of rare and secondhand books, at 84 Charing Cross Road, London’. DAILY TELEGRAPH Told in a series of letters in 84 CHARING CROSS ROAD and then in diary form in the second part THE DUCHESS OF BLOOMSBURY STREET, this true story has touched the hearts of thousands.

6. Francesca Bridgerton

Book with a memorable simmering love

well I’m not one for simmering romance books So I’m going to have to go with the Bridgerton tv as it fits the bill.

7. Gregory Bridgerton

Book that despite the criticism you are going to give it a try

There is only one book I can think of that has had criticism in the last few years is

Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth

I’m not sure when or if I will actually read this but it’s on my shelf and it’s just been Collecting dust since I brought it because when I looked on Goodreads all I saw was negative reviews which has put me off reading it.

8. Hyacinth Bridgerton

Last book that has arrived in your TBR and you want NOW

As I just brought it and I’m already reading it I’m going to say Gallant by v.e Schwab which I’m really enjoying I’m on page 100 at the moment and will probably be finished by the time the new season of Bridgerton has started.

9. Violet Bridgerton

Book that you love for the values ​​it transmits

For this one I’m going with a book with lots of values such as friendship and togetherness.

Harry Potter

as I said I think this book series teaches a lot of good values though out the series

10. Lady Danbury

Book with a great story but not everyone’s liking

The shadowhunter chronicles

I absolutely love this books and I know of a lot of other people who really enjoy them but we have got to the point that if a new reader wants to get in to them there going to have 20 books to catch up on and there not short the first book is only about 300 pages but the newer releases are around 700+ pages long and that’s a lot.

11. Simon Basset

Book that deals with childhood / adolescence issues with mistreatment / abuse / bullying and you want to recommend

I haven’t actually read anything with this in.

12. Penelope Featherington

Book that has great female protagonists and it completely caught you

I think for this one I’m going with a book that I haven’t yet finished but the bits that I have read the female protagonists has been amazing so far and I think that she’s probably will continue.

The invisible life of Addie LaRue by V.E Schwab

there are moments when Addie is very silly but she is just trying to be free from how her world thinks she needs to be. I like the why though out the book she dose so much to try to live the best she can in the situation she has found herself p, again I’m not very far in I’m trying to slowly saver this book.

When Addie LaRue makes a deal with devil, she trades her soul for immortality. But the devil takes away her place in the world, cursing her to be forgotten by everyone. Addie flees her tiny home town in 18th-Century France, beginning a journey that takes her across the world, learning to live a life where no one remembers her and everything she owns is lost and broken. Existing only as a muse for artists throughout history, she learns to fall in love anew every single day. Her only companion on this journey is her dark devil with hypnotic green eyes, who visits her each year on the anniversary of their deal. Alone in the world, Addie has no choice but to confront him, to understand him, maybe to beat him. Until one day, in a second hand bookshop in Manhattan, Addie meets someone who remembers her. Suddenly thrust back into a real, normal life, Addie realises she can’t escape her fate forever.

And that is that fill free to give this tag a go as well.

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