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My favourite Manga and Anime

Normally with this sort of thing, the idea would be to give a top five but I haven’t seen that many anime or read that many manga as I only got introduced to them a few years ago, so here are the anime and Manga that I have enjoyed and maybe in the future I will do a proper top five.

Little Witch Academia

let’s start with the first Anime I actually finished! Little witch academia, if you have never heard of it, is about a young human who has wanted to become a witch ever since she went to see a shining chariot show (a famous witch among humans). When she gets to Luna Nova, a famous magic school, she struggles to get the hang of magic but she does make friends who help her along the way.
This one started out as an anime which you can find on Netflix in the U.K. as well as the two longer episodes (OVAs), they have now made a manga (as I’m writing this there are 3 volumes). The first two are a mix between episodes from the anime and new stories, then the last volume is all new. There also a game – Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time which I have, but haven’t completed as my boyfriend is always on his PC, where we bought it. I think the only thing on this list that I haven’t finished is the game but that’s more because when I want to play a game, it’s usually Animal Crossing, not that Chamber of Time is a bad game.

I  obviously really liked  this one hence I actually finished it, I enjoyed the story and the characters are all lots of fun. The animation is also really nice which is always enjoyable as I have found that I’m quite picky when it comes to the animation of anime’s so if I don’t like the look of it I’m less inclined to watch it, which is odd as I grew up when most shows didn’t look amazing by today’s Standard.

Ouran Highschool Host Club

Second is the first anime I ever watched, I was 17 when a friend recommended this one and I really liked how bonkers it was – in fact I think most of the anime I end up watching are a bit bonkers. But as well as being bonkers it also has some sad moments in the second half of the story.

This one is about a person named Haruhi who, while trying to find somewhere quiet to study, stumbles into the Ouran host club (a club that caters to rich girls who have too much time on their hands who get entertained by rich boys who also have too much time on their hands) in music room 3 where they managed to break a very expensive vase. As a result, they have to work for the host club to pay off the debt. I have also read the first manga which is also good – I liked all of the authors funny comments that are found throughout the book.

Fruits Basket

Ok – I love everything about Fruits Basket; from the characters to the animation, I have finished the first season of the new Version of the anime (just waiting for my other half to catch up) and I’m currently reading the second volume of the collectors edition of the manga at the moment.
I will try to say what this one is about without Spoiling anything, it’s about Tohru (who is the sweetest anime character I have ever seen and I just want to hug her in every episode/chapter) who meets the Sohma family – well three of them anyway. Shigure (who likes to find ways to torment his publisher) Yuki and Kyo. Once she meets them she finds out that, when touched by someone who is 1. not a Sohma and 2. of the opposite sex, they turn into one of the Japanese zodiacs (like I said I like bonkers) then you are set for an anime filled with laughs, love and a lot of crying.

My Next Life As A Villainess: All Roads Lead To Doom

I found this one because Ashley Poston, one of my favourite authors, was talking about  there being a confirmed season 2 of the anime, I thought the name sounded interesting so googled it and watched the first season in a week or so (just waiting for season 2).

so this one is about Catarina Claes who, when she bumps her head, remembers her past life. Once she dose she realises that she is in a game – and that she is the villainess! So if she’s not careful she will be killed, or worse exiled.

This anime is very well rounded it has a lot of funny moments as well as lots of sweet moments with a good message.
I would really like to try the manga one day even if just to tide me over between season.



I’m not going to lie this manga involves time travel which makes the plot complicated so I’m going to give you the very basic plot, and tell you that Orange has so much heart and really makes you think about life, regrets and how small  acts of kindness can make a big  difference to someone’s  life. There are also only two volumes (they are big volumes but there are still only 2) so it’s the best manga to start with as you don’t need to get 100s of volumes.
this is about Naho Takamiya who one day on the first day of a new school year gets a letter from her 10 year old self explaining every day of that year and how to help her new class mate Kakeru Naruse.

this is the only one on this list where I went straight to manga without watching any of the anime, in fact it’s the first manga I read.

The Ancient Magus Bride

Like with orange I haven’t actually really watched the anime (other then a few episodes). I have gone straight for the manga and I’m really enjoying it so far – I have just finished vol 3 in case you are interested. This manga has a good mix between being completely silly and funny and being very emotional and sweet. The basic premise is that Chise Hatori is bought at a auction for £5 million by Elias Ainsworth, a seven-foot-tall humanoid with an animal skull for a head who wants her to be his bride. This is a running joke though out the story (or at least I hope his joking)

Violet Evergarden

I can’t believe I almost forgot this anime, but I guess it has been some time since Netflix added it and I haven’t picked up the manga yet (if there is one). I think this is the only anime I have watched that doesn’t have any silly moments but I love it for that it’s such a lovely story with so much heart and emotion I think I need to rewatch it at some point as I clearly need a refresher.

Other anime I have seen

There are some that I have seen the first few episodes of I just haven’t finished them yet just because there are not enough hours in the day. They are

the devil is a part time worker

I really do want to finish this one it has a really good concept. The devil after a big fight has fallen to Earth and while he regains his Energy he gets a part-time job at a KFC. I have started it twice and know there is a second season on the way so I’m definitely going to have to make time to watch it.

sailor Moon

I have only seen one episode of this twice I’m not sure why I haven’t gotten past the first episode but I really want to watch the rest as it’s a very popular anime.


My other half told me this was one of the first anime he watched (first being sailor moon) so we watched a episode


again my other half told me about this one I think I have watched two episodes or three it’s a really fun anime this really is a situation where we have other things to watch.

Dr Stone

I friend from work told me about this one and it’s so deferent I had to give it a try I just haven’t finished it yet but I will. If you haven’t hard of this one basically everyone gets turned to stone one day then about 300 years later 2 guys wake up and using actual Science (so you learn stuff too) start to rebuild human civilisation cool right.

I think that is everything I hope you enjoyed this blog and you have  discovered something new, also so that I my widen my list of manga and anime feel free to comment down below some of your favourites.

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